Best Burgers in Australia

Looking for the Best Burgers in Australia? Enjoy only the best (and skip the rest) with our handpicked burger list.

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48. Glass Brasserie

best burgers in Australia Glass Brasserie

Glass Brasserie Website

2/488 George St
Sydney, New South Wales
Country: Australia

Description: Glass Brasserie is a gorgeous restaurant at the Hilton Sydney. Perfect for romantic dinners, business events, and even weddings. The menu is inspired by Celebrity Chef Luke Magnan. The kitchen prepares a number of fantastic dishes amongst them being a Wagyu burger, which I had to ask for off menu at dinner (it’s a nice restaurant with standards to uphold).

The burger at Glass Brasserie consists of a Wagyu patty, BBQ Sauce, Bacon, pickle, lettuce, and cheese. The burger has a great combination of flavors, which combine sweet BBQ sauce, pickle, and very flavorful beef. The flavor combination is very similar to the burger at The Glenmore Hotel, but the execution is very different. The burger I ate was a little difficult to manage and had a bun and beef patty that was a little too dry.

Overall, Glass Brasserie is a very cool place to grab a meal and the burger should satisfy most cravings - however it's not amongst the best in Sydney.

47. Crisp CBD

Crisp CBD Website

14/324-330 Pitt St
Sydney, New South Wales
Country: Australia

Description: Crisp CBD serves up fresh burgers and is very busy during lunch time. Their burgers feature Wagyu beef and are prepared in front of you. It's a very popular among office people in the area. It's a pity they only open for lunch on weekdays.

46. The Blue Gum Hotel

best burgers in Australia The Blue Gum Hotel

The Blue Gum Hotel Website

55 Pacific Highway
Sydney, New South Wales
Country: Australia

Description: The Blue Gum Hotel is a fun place to enjoy a beer at after work, hangout with friends, or to catch a game. Great drinks and upscale bar food are the staples and the burger is definitely one of the more popular items.

The Blue Gum Burger features a Wagyu patty, lettuce, cheddar, charred chorizo, BBQ marmalade, and aioli. The Wagyu beef and fantastic bun give a tenderness to each bite that really lets the juicy beef flavor stand out. The chorizo and the rest of the ingredients work well, but are almost too salty/tangy. They leave the burger missing that something special to bring everything together. This makes the Blue Gum Burger great for a burger craving but short of the list for Best Burgers in Sydney.

45. The Morrison

best burgers in Australia The Morrison

The Morrison Website

225 George Street
Sydney, New South Wales
Country: Australia

Description: The Morrison is a great place to grab a drink and catch up with your mates. The ample seating and great atmosphere make this a great place to enjoy a burger as well. The Morrison burger comes with dry aged beef, house pickles, chipotle mayo, and a slice of cheese. The Morrison burger looked good on paper however it came up a little short. The Chipotle mayo was a little overpowering and would have hidden the other flavor of the burger... had there been other standout flavors. The pickles are too mild and should be an acidic variety to play up the beef, while the cheese was too neutral as well. The grind of the beef and packing of the patty gave the beef an almost spongy texture. The bun was well toasted and served the burger well, however the flavor of chipotle shined over everything else. Overall, the Morrison's burger will satisfy a craving... but with a few tweaks they could have themselves a dry aged chipotle burger worth lining up out the door for.

44. Rockpool Bar & Grill

best burgers in Australia Rockpool Bar & Grill

Rockpool Bar & Grill Website

66 Hunter Street
Sydney, New South Wales
Country: Australia

Description: Rockpool is a trendy restaurant located in the lobby of an old time office building. This setting caters itself to classy steaks, fine cocktails, and a romantic night on the town.

The Rockpool burger aims to embody that flair. The burger features Full Blood Wagyu, bacon, Gruyere cheese and Zuni pickle, pickled onion, and caramelized onion. The burger has a very beefy flavor with a hint a hint of sweetness. Coupled with the toasted bun it's an enjoyable experience, but the cheese and sauce used on the burger are not in attendance with the rest of the ingredients. The beef and bun were also a bit dryer than I would expect. Last of all, a sharper cheese or a greater kick of vinegar from the pickled ingredients would really make this burger a mouthwatering treat. For having a high price-tag and expectation the Rockpool burger is only mediocre in execution.

There are better burgers to be had in Sydney...but if you need to impress your date Rockpool is definitely the go to.

# Image Burger Joint Score Metro
Chur Burger best burger
Chur Burger Sydney
Mary's best burger
Mary's Sydney
Burger Theory best burger
Burger Theory Adelaide
Alfred and Constance best burger
Alfred and Constance Brisbane
The Royale Brothers best burger
The Royale Brothers Melbourne
The Merrywell best burger
The Merrywell Perth
Merrywell best burger
Merrywell Melbourne
Laneway best burger
Laneway Brisbane
V Burger Bar best burger
V Burger Bar Perth
Nshry best burger
Nshry Melbourne
Street ADL best burger
Street ADL Adelaide
Vintaged best burger
Vintaged Brisbane
Charlie & Co best burger
Charlie & Co Sydney
Burgermeister best burger
Burgermeister Perth
Jus Burgers best burger
Jus Burgers Perth
Huxtaburger best burger
Huxtaburger Melbourne
Trunktown best burger
Trunktown Melbourne
The Light Brigade Hotel best burger
The Light Brigade Hotel Sydney
The Burger Bar best burger
The Burger Bar Noosaville
Jamie's Italian best burger
Jamie's Italian Sydney
Rockwell and Sons best burger
Rockwell and Sons Melbourne
Batch Burger & Espresso best burger
Batch Burger & Espresso Sydney
Nordburger best burger
Nordburger Adelaide
Pav Bar best burger
Pav Bar Brisbane
Miel Container best burger
Miel Container Brisbane
Chuck Wagon best burger
Chuck Wagon Adelaide
Glenmore Hotel best burger
Glenmore Hotel Sydney
Burgastronomy best burger
Burgastronomy Adelaide
Alfred's Kitchen best burger
Alfred's Kitchen Perth
Missy Moo's best burger
Missy Moo's Perth
Mr Burger best burger
Mr Burger Melbourne
Lucky Lupitas best burger
Lucky Lupitas Adelaide
Da’ Burger best burger
Da’ Burger Brisbane
Treasury best burger
Treasury Brisbane
127 Days Urban Eats best burger
127 Days Urban Eats Adelaide
Grill'd best burger
Grill'd Sydney
Stuffed Beaver best burger
Stuffed Beaver Sydney
Opera Kitchen best burger
Opera Kitchen Sydney
The Forresters best burger
The Forresters Sydney
Flipside Burger best burger
Flipside Burger Perth
Tree of Us best burger
Tree of Us Melbourne
Fancy Burger best burger
Fancy Burger Adelaide
FAB - Fish and Burger best burger
FAB - Fish and Burger Brisbane
Rockpool Bar & Grill best burger
Rockpool Bar & Grill Sydney
The Morrison best burger
The Morrison Sydney
The Blue Gum Hotel best burger
The Blue Gum Hotel Sydney
Glass Brasserie best burger
Glass Brasserie Sydney
Crisp CBD best burger
Crisp CBD Sydney

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