Best Burgers in Canada

Looking for the Best Burgers in Canada? Enjoy only the best (and skip the rest) with our handpicked burger list.

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15. Market by Jean-Georges

Market by Jean-Georges Website

1115 Alberni Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
Country: Canada

Description: The Market Burger is a well-executed take on the classic double cheeseburger. Take two angues beef patties, top them with Brie, and pile on lettuce, tomato,tangy pickles, and a truffle aioli smothered onto a soft and tender bun. Creamy, melty, and savory make this burger a melt in your mouth type of burger. The price might be a little high compared to some other favorites around Vancouver, however there are premium ingredients in play.

14. Uli’s Restaurant

Uli’s Restaurant Website

15021 Marine Drive
Vancouver, British Columbia
Country: Canada

Description: Uli's is a local favorite that cranks out some very good burgers. Uli's burgers have been given much praise, and their devotion to crafting high quality masterpieces of beef, toppings, and bun is apaprent. The burgers are well thought out combinations that can be enjoyed bite after bite. Toss in a pretty cool atmosphere and some decent drink specials and you have a winning combination.

13. The Ship

The Ship Website

23 Augusta Street
Hamilton, Ontario
Country: Canada

Description: There is a super tasty special burger at The Ship in Hamilton. The burger features crispy fried ramen noodles house-made pickled cabbage and sriracha sauce atop a perfect patty of juicy beef. I can't wait to go back to have another.

12. Hamilton Street Grill

Hamilton Street Grill Website

1009 Hamilton Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
Country: Canada

Description: Hamilton Street Grill burgers is a big bite that comes packed with perfectly cooked beef, bacon, and melted cheese atop a fresh bakery bun. The burger is served with a mountain of fries and your usual suspects as far as toppings go (lettuce, tomato, onion) are on the side. Ignore the toppings and dive right into this cheesy, beefy, and melty masterpiece. Our only advice is you might want to bring your date here... unless you wanted to look like an animal.

11. Parts & Labour

Parts & Labour Website

1566 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario
Country: Canada

Description: This is a featured burger. It has been identified as one of the Best in Toronto and was the winner of the Toronto Burgers Wars in 2013. The Parts & Labour burger features 7 ounces of Canadian brisket, dill-mayo, bacon-onion jam, iceberg lettuce and Monterey Jack cheese on a toasted Blackbird Baking Co. milk bun.



# Image Burger Joint Score Metro
The Oakwood Canadian Bistro best burger
The Oakwood Canadian Bistro Vancouver
Marben best burger
Marben Toronto
The Harbord Room best burger
The Harbord Room Toronto
Romer’s Burger Bar best burger
Romer’s Burger Bar Vancouver
E11even best burger
E11even Toronto
Gabardine best burger
Gabardine Toronto
Stackhouse best burger
Stackhouse Vancouver
Ace Burger Company best burger
Ace Burger Company Halifax
Bestellen best burger
Bestellen Toronto
Mildred's Temple Kitchen best burger
Mildred's Temple Kitchen Toronto
Parts & Labour best burger
Parts & Labour Toronto
The Ship best burger
The Ship Hamilton
Hamilton Street Grill best burger
Hamilton Street Grill Vancouver
Uli’s Restaurant best burger
Uli’s Restaurant Vancouver
Market by Jean-Georges best burger
Market by Jean-Georges Vancouver
The Burger's Priest best burger
The Burger's Priest Toronto
Burgers Etc best burger
Burgers Etc Vancouver
Nota Bene best burger
Nota Bene Toronto
Mahogany Bar best burger
Mahogany Bar Toronto
Molson's Pub best burger
Molson's Pub Toronto

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