Best Burgers in Canada

Looking for the Best Burgers in Canada? Enjoy only the best (and skip the rest) with our handpicked burger list.

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5. Bestellen

best burgers in Canada Bestellen

Bestellen Website

972 College Street
Toronto, Ontario
Country: Canada

Description: Bestellen is a fun restaurant with a great atmosphere focusing on great drinks and well-prepared flavorful dishes. Their burger is no exception and features juicy and tender beef, caramelized onions, and raclette on a house made brioche roll. Everything is fresh which makes for a melt in your mouth burger experience with a blend of beef flavor complemented by salty, cheesy, and savory. The raclette cheese is sharp, caramelized onions have a great texture, and the housemade ketchup is hearty and rich. The only change I'd recommend for this burger is to order it without the greens, or remove them upon receiving the burger. The greens can be a bit bitter and take away from the overall experience. Also, a more vinegary pickle might be better paired to give this burger a near-perfect score. Currently, the butter pickle variety featured doesn't quite seal the deal.

4. The Harbord Room

best burgers in Canada The Harbord Room

The Harbord Room Website

89 Harbord Street
Toronto, Ontario
Country: Canada

Description: The Naturally Raised Beef Burger at the Harbord Room is one of the highlights of Toronto. Harbord Street has a lot going on, and The Harbord Room feels like a private hangout.

When I visited the Harbord Room I ordered the last burger of the night. The chef left nothing behind. A perfectly cooked beef patty was paired with sharp cheddar, caramelized onions, and a bun that melted into a perfect combination of flavor. I added bacon as the finishing touch on mine and it was perfect. Eating this burger was a pure joy and the fact it was plated so well,and paired with excellent fries, sold me even more.

3. Romer’s Burger Bar

Romer’s Burger Bar Website

8363 Kerr Street (Now Multiple Locations)
Vancouver, British Columbia
Country: Canada

Description: Romer's Burger Bar is serving some of the most well-executed + unique burgers in Vancouver and all of Canada. A wide variety of burgers from the ultra-gourmet Man's Man Burger to burgers with chorizo & short-rib patties, gourmet cheese, house made sauces, and fried or braised onions make up the menu. Romer's pairings of beef, cheese, toppings, and sauce create perfect explorations of flavor for the diner and make it an enjoyable place to visit with friends. If you're looking for a burger adventure in Vancouver no place is better than Romer's.

2. Marben

best burgers in Canada Marben

Marben Website

488 Wellington St W
Toronto, Ontario
Country: Canada

Description: John's Burger at Marben is a contender for the best burger in Toronto. A patty of beef and braised short ribs packs an incredible amount of flavor. Complement this flavor with aged cheddar a nice bakery bun and a unique topping of Branston pickle. The ingredients are simple, but the complexity and layers of flavor they put in each bite makes Marben a favorite in my book. Combine John's Burger with some great fries, fantastic outdoor seating, and a premium drink list and one could spend quite a bit of time at Marben.

1. The Oakwood Canadian Bistro

The Oakwood Canadian Bistro Website

2741 West 4th Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia
Country: Canada

Description: The Oakwood Canadian Bistro serves up one of the best burgers in Vancouver. The burger features aged cheddar, bacon, garlic dill pickles, alfalfa, and gulf islands dressing to complement the perfectly cooked beef patty. The rich, salty, and savory flavors will make your mouth water bite after bite. The cheddar, bacon, and pickles make a perfect trio, and the tangy house made dressing along with the texture of the soft bakery bun turn this burger into a masterpiece. If you're in Vancouver make sure you visit The Oakwood.



# Image Burger Joint Score Metro
The Oakwood Canadian Bistro best burger
The Oakwood Canadian Bistro Vancouver
Marben best burger
Marben Toronto
The Harbord Room best burger
The Harbord Room Toronto
Romer’s Burger Bar best burger
Romer’s Burger Bar Vancouver
E11even best burger
E11even Toronto
Gabardine best burger
Gabardine Toronto
Stackhouse best burger
Stackhouse Vancouver
Ace Burger Company best burger
Ace Burger Company Halifax
Bestellen best burger
Bestellen Toronto
Mildred's Temple Kitchen best burger
Mildred's Temple Kitchen Toronto
Parts & Labour best burger
Parts & Labour Toronto
The Ship best burger
The Ship Hamilton
Hamilton Street Grill best burger
Hamilton Street Grill Vancouver
Uli’s Restaurant best burger
Uli’s Restaurant Vancouver
Market by Jean-Georges best burger
Market by Jean-Georges Vancouver
The Burger's Priest best burger
The Burger's Priest Toronto
Burgers Etc best burger
Burgers Etc Vancouver
Nota Bene best burger
Nota Bene Toronto
Mahogany Bar best burger
Mahogany Bar Toronto
Molson's Pub best burger
Molson's Pub Toronto

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