Best Burgers in Germany

Looking for the Best Burgers in Germany? Enjoy only the best (and skip the rest) with our handpicked burger list.

Author: Burger Guy

8. Mogg & Melzer

Mogg & Melzer Website

Auguststr. 11-13
Berlin, Berlin
Country: Germany

Description: Mogg & Melzer makes some gourmet food including some of the best burgers in town. Complex flavors, fresh ingredients, great buns, and expert preparation make these burgers worth a try. If burgers aren't your thing there is plenty of other great food on the menu to keep your companions happy.

7. Burger Meister

Burger Meister Website

Dreieichstraße 20
Frankfurt, Hesse
Country: Germany

Description: Burger Meister is known for having some of the best burgers in Frankfurt. Creative and flavorful burger combinations along with high quality ingredients makes Burger Meister one of the most popular jointss. While the burgers are quite tasty, they aren't quite as gourmet as some other offerings in the city. If you're looking for local favorite with a wide variety of burgers and interesting combinations Burger Meister is a great destination.

6. Holy Burger

Holy Burger Website

Wörthstrasse 7 / Dachauer Straße 7a
Munich (München), Bavaria
Country: Germany

Description: Holy Burger features a wide variety of flavorful burgers on their menu. Themed burgers include Italian, Mexican, BBQ, Classic, and a variety of others. Holy Burger's focus on fresh ingredients and flavor combinations that work make their burgers great for those looking for something different, or looking to please a large group of friends. If you're looking to try out something new Holy Burger is a great option.

# Image Burger Joint Score Metro
Luna Burger best burger
Luna Burger Frankfurt
Burger House best burger
Burger House Munich (München)
Burger Meister best burger
Burger Meister Frankfurt
Holy Burger best burger
Holy Burger Munich (München)
Heroes Premium Burger best burger
Heroes Premium Burger Frankfurt
Die Kuh die lacht best burger
Die Kuh die lacht Frankfurt
Hirsch & Eber best burger
Hirsch & Eber Berlin
The Bird best burger
The Bird Berlin
Mogg & Melzer best burger
Mogg & Melzer Berlin
Burgeramt best burger
Burgeramt Berlin
Zsa Zsa Burger best burger
Zsa Zsa Burger Berlin
Ruff's Burger best burger
Ruff's Burger Munich (München)
M.C. Mueller best burger
M.C. Mueller Munich (München)
Meat Us best burger
Meat Us Frankfurt

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