Best Burgers in Germany

Looking for the Best Burgers in Germany? Enjoy only the best (and skip the rest) with our handpicked burger list.

Author: Burger Guy

5. Heroes Premium Burger

Heroes Premium Burger Website

Leibnizstraße 13
Frankfurt, Hesse
Country: Germany

Description: Heroes Premium Burger is a great burger joint to visit with friends and enjoy a few drinks. Well-seasoned fresh beef and some classic combinations makes these burgers great for a burger craving. Heroes pays attention to the detail and makes and prepares as many ingredients they can in-house.

4. Die Kuh die lacht

Die Kuh die lacht Website

Schillerstraße 28
Frankfurt, Hesse
Country: Germany

Description: Die Kuh die lacht makes a host of original burgers that are big on flavor and being different. If you're looking for burgers you can't get other places in Frankfurt we'd highly recommend going here on an adventure with some of your friends.

3. Hirsch & Eber

Hirsch & Eber Website

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Berlin, Berlin
Country: Germany

Description: Hirsch & Eber make high-quality modern burgers. Fresh buns, beef, and gourmet ingredients are combined into carefully crafted combinations for your enjoyment. The focus on quality and freshness make these burgers stand out from your average bar or pub burger in Berlin.

# Image Burger Joint Score Metro
Luna Burger best burger
Luna Burger Frankfurt
Burger House best burger
Burger House Munich (München)
Burger Meister best burger
Burger Meister Frankfurt
Holy Burger best burger
Holy Burger Munich (München)
Heroes Premium Burger best burger
Heroes Premium Burger Frankfurt
Die Kuh die lacht best burger
Die Kuh die lacht Frankfurt
Hirsch & Eber best burger
Hirsch & Eber Berlin
The Bird best burger
The Bird Berlin
Mogg & Melzer best burger
Mogg & Melzer Berlin
Burgeramt best burger
Burgeramt Berlin
Zsa Zsa Burger best burger
Zsa Zsa Burger Berlin
Ruff's Burger best burger
Ruff's Burger Munich (München)
M.C. Mueller best burger
M.C. Mueller Munich (München)
Meat Us best burger
Meat Us Frankfurt

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