Best Burgers in Russia

Looking for the Best Burgers in Russia? Enjoy only the best (and skip the rest) with our handpicked burger list.

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11. Clean Plate Society

best burgers in Russia Clean Plate Society

Clean Plate Society Website

Gorokhovaya ulitsa, house 13
Saint Petersburg, Northwestern Federal District
Country: Russia

Description: Clean Plate Society is a fun hangout near Central Saint Petersburg. Featuring fun music, tasty drinks, and a modern menu.

The food at Clean Plate Society is known for being fresh and locally sourced. This created high expectations for the Clean Plates Club burger that features blue cheese and grilled eggplant. The two ingredients pair to create a very rich flavor combination. Personally, the flavor was a bit much for me and I found the blue cheese overwhelming. Despite being too rich, the beef was juicy and the bun was great. This lead me to believe the normal cheeseburger might have been a safer option and could compete against some of the better burgers in Saint Petersburg.

10. Biblioteka

best burgers in Russia Biblioteka

Nevsky Prospekt, 21
Saint Petersburg, Northwestern Federal District
Country: Russia

Description: Biblioteka is a fun café serving up some of the most entertaining food in Saint Petersburg. Ranging from waffles and desserts to traditional Russian dishes and bar food.

Amongst the fun options at Biblioteka are a number of burgers. I choose the Hawaiian Aborigines, which features tasty beef, pineapple, cheese, ham, lettuce, tomato, and grilled onion. The stand out flavor on the burger was combination of the ham and pineapple. The rest of the burger was high quality, but was not exceptional enough to be amongst the best I have had. The cheese and beef were good but did not have the juiciness, or enough flavor to put this burger into the next category. Most notably the bun was quite a bit overtoasted and took a lot away from the burger.

With a better bun the burger at Bibiloteka might be amongst the best in Saint Petersburg. At the least, if it had come untoasted it might have been quite a bit better.

9. Corner Burger

best burgers in Russia Corner Burger

Corner Burger Website

Грузинская Б. ул., д. 76
Moscow, Central Federal District
Country: Russia

Description: Corner Burger is a Moscow burger joint bringing with a relaxed American atmosphere and fun decor. They have a number of different burgers on their menu making it difficult to pick just one.

For my visit, I decided to go for a classic BLT cheeseburger. The burger features beef, crispy bacon, butter lettuce, red onion, pickles, tomato, and a slice of cheddar cheese. The burger uses some premium ingredients, which give it a great flavor profile. The thin slices of pickles and red onions do wonders for the burger’s texture, and the soft bun makes each bit enjoyable.

Compared to the best burgers I have eaten the beef was lacking a little flavor and juiciness. It's a very fun place to eat and serves up some great burgers, but it is not home to Moscow's best.

8. Beefbar

best burgers in Russia Beefbar

Beefbar Website

Naberezhnaya Prechistenskaya, 13, к. 1
Moscow, Central Federal District
Country: Russia

Description: The Special Cheeseburger Beefbar is a high priced Moscow luxury. A price tag that is worthy of most steaks is somewhat expected for premium beef in Moscow. With a great view of the river and a gorgeous seating area to match this is definitely a VIP experience.

The burger is comparable to a gourmet take on a Big Mac - featuring two patties, cheese, a ketchup/mayo sauce, pickles, red onion, and lettuce. The burger packs a lot of flavors together but it is a well-known blend that works. The toasted bun definitely stands out, and the flavors I found myself enjoying the most were the thousand island-type sauce, bacon, toasted sesames, and cheese combining for a rich flavor. The only detractor was that the beef on the burger was a bit dry, although it was full of flavor. It's possible the thin patties led to this beef lacking the juiciness that the most elite burgers have.

Overall, this is a very solid burger which many burgers in Moscow could do themselves a favor by combining the flavors and quality of ingredients that Beefbar puts into their burger.

7. City Space

best burgers in Russia City Space

City Space Website

Космодамианская наб., д.52, стр. 6
Moscow, Central Federal District
Country: Russia

Description: City Space is a high-end Moscow bar featuring great drinks, views, and food. City Space is atop the Swissotel and has a skyline view of Moscow.

The cheeseburger at City Space is a tasty bite to get while soaking up the scene. It features premium beef, melted cheese, tomato, butter lettuce, onion, pickles, a tender bun, mayonnaise, and ketchup. The flavors that stand out on the burger are the pickle, ketchup, and mayo combining into a relish of sorts and the fantastic bun. Each bite has a good distribution of ingredients with a lot of flavor.

The flavors in this burger amongst some of the best in Moscow, however the beef needed a little more seasoning or juicy flavor. City Space is definitely worth a visit for the burger, view, and tasty drinks.



# Image Burger Joint Score Metro
Beeftro best burger
Beeftro Moscow
Chicago Prime best burger
Chicago Prime Moscow
Romanov Bar best burger
Romanov Bar Moscow
The Standard best burger
The Standard Moscow
Grizzly Bar best burger
Grizzly Bar Saint Petersburg
Stroganoff Steakhouse best burger
Stroganoff Steakhouse Saint Petersburg
Beefbar best burger
Beefbar Moscow
City Space best burger
City Space Moscow
Corner Burger best burger
Corner Burger Moscow
Biblioteka best burger
Biblioteka Saint Petersburg
Clean Plate Society best burger
Clean Plate Society Saint Petersburg
Radio City Bar & Kitchen best burger
Radio City Bar & Kitchen Moscow
Torro Grill best burger
Torro Grill Moscow
Burger Bar best burger
Burger Bar Moscow
Scandinavia best burger
Scandinavia Moscow
Starlite Diner best burger
Starlite Diner Moscow

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