Best Burgers in Russia

Looking for the Best Burgers in Russia? Enjoy only the best (and skip the rest) with our handpicked burger list.

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6. Grizzly Bar

best burgers in Russia Grizzly Bar

Grizzly Bar Website

Nevsky prospekt, 96
Saint Petersburg, Northwestern Federal District
Country: Russia

Description: Grizzly Bar is an American style bar in Saint Petersburg Russia. The menu is full of American classics that look to be well executed. Some of the food I saw wondering around had my hopes up as I prepared to order my burger.

The burger I ordered featured a wheat bun, gouda, caramelized onions, thinly sliced pickley, and lettuce. The Gouda was fantastic and combined perfectly with a creamy mayo sauce. The creamy and smooth combination of the mayo + cheese combined with the sweetness of the caramelized onions in a brilliant blend. The wheat bun provided this burger a deep and rich flavor that left me pleasantly surprised. I am not normally a fan of wheat buns, but this flavor combination seems to pull it off well. Compared to the best burgers I’ve enjoyed the beef patty was lacking a little bit of juiciness and flavor.

If you’re looking for a great bar on Nevisky in Saint Petersburg Grizzly Bar is a great bet. Great food, lots of seating, a relaxing atmosphere, and a great burger are sure to leave you a happy diner.

5. Stroganoff Steakhouse

best burgers in Russia Stroganoff Steakhouse

Stroganoff Steakhouse Website

Konnogvardeyskiy bulvar, 4
Saint Petersburg, Northwestern Federal District
Country: Russia

Description: The Stroganoff burger is amongst the best in Saint Petersburg. A gorgeous 9 ounce char-patty of premium beef with finely cut porcini mushrooms ground into the patty to give a hint of stroganoff flavor. On top of the patty sits a flavorful slice of cheddar, bacon, white onion, mayo, lettuce, and ketchup. The beef is well seasoned and the toppings' high quality lend the burger a very satisfying flavor profile. The little negative was that the bun could been a bit more moist and the burger was almost unmanageable. Major points for this burger are awarded for the flavor of the beef, which make it standout from the many other burgers I've tried. This burger helped me rethink the patty mix-in.

4. The Standard

best burgers in Russia The Standard

The Standard Website

Bol'shoy Zlatoust'inskiy pereulok 9
Moscow, Central Federal District
Country: Russia

Description: The Standard is an American-Style bar in Moscow, Russia. It features American food, drinks, and caters to expats, as well as Muscovites looking to learn English. Their food is amongst some of the best American fare in Moscow.

The menu has several fantastic burgers. I chose to get the BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger, which features a medium-rare patty, lettuce, red onion, American cheese, bacon, and BBQ Sauce. The burger was a perfectly cooked medium-rare that was full of flavor. The burger stands out from a mix of bacon, BBQ, and cheese melting together into a perfect combination of flavor. Add in the medium-rare beef and the soft bun to make a melt in your mouth BBQ burger experience that is amongst some of the best burgers I have enjoyed.

If you are looking for an American getaway in Moscow with a world class burger be sure to check out The Standard.

3. Romanov Bar

best burgers in Russia Romanov Bar

Romanov Bar Website

Tretyakovsky Proyezd, 1/4
Moscow, Central Federal District
Country: Russia

Description: The cheeseburger at Romanov is a welcome sight amongst the overcooked and underwhelming fare I have encountered in Moscow.

A tender and juicy beef patty served atop a pillowy soft bun is the foundation for excellence. Add in a creamy ranch/mayo type sauce with herbs, a homemade hearty reduced ketchup, tomato, lettuce, bacon, and cheese to make this a classic done right with premium ingredients. For sticking with a basic formula and using premium ingredients the Romanov burger stands out as one of Moscow's finest. Factor in the great atmosphere, music, and you have the beginning of a great night out.

Romanov Bar can be a bit difficult to find, but once you are lead to this elusive hideaway you'll find one of Moscow's hidden treasures. The only suggestion I would have for the Romanov burger would be that a bit more seasoning could make its way into the beef to give it that salty + juicy mouthwatering effect.

2. Chicago Prime

best burgers in Russia Chicago Prime

Chicago Prime Website

Strastnoy Blvd, 8-а
Moscow, Central Federal District
Country: Russia

Description: The Chicago Prime Steak Burger is one of the best burgers in Moscow. The beef is tender, the bun is soft, and the toppings lend a perfect texture and flavor to the burger. This burger is capable of competing with any serious burger across the globe. The flavor experience of the burger combines salty, cheesy, and beefy, into a mouthwatering experience. In a restaurant known for great steaks I'd put the flavor punch of this burger against their finest cut. The atmosphere of Chicago Prime is that of an exclusive retreat from Moscow's crowded streets. Many visitors will feel welcomed by the different seating areas (dining room, bar, patio) and the classic American photos decorating the restaurant.



# Image Burger Joint Score Metro
Beeftro best burger
Beeftro Moscow
Chicago Prime best burger
Chicago Prime Moscow
Romanov Bar best burger
Romanov Bar Moscow
The Standard best burger
The Standard Moscow
Grizzly Bar best burger
Grizzly Bar Saint Petersburg
Stroganoff Steakhouse best burger
Stroganoff Steakhouse Saint Petersburg
Beefbar best burger
Beefbar Moscow
City Space best burger
City Space Moscow
Corner Burger best burger
Corner Burger Moscow
Biblioteka best burger
Biblioteka Saint Petersburg
Clean Plate Society best burger
Clean Plate Society Saint Petersburg
Radio City Bar & Kitchen best burger
Radio City Bar & Kitchen Moscow
Torro Grill best burger
Torro Grill Moscow
Burger Bar best burger
Burger Bar Moscow
Scandinavia best burger
Scandinavia Moscow
Starlite Diner best burger
Starlite Diner Moscow

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