Best Burgers in The United States of America

Looking for the Best Burgers in The United States of America? Enjoy only the best (and skip the rest) with our handpicked burger list.

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5. Rustic Canyon

best burgers in The United States of America Rustic Canyon

Rustic Canyon Website

1119 Wilshire Blvd
Santa Monica, California
Country: The United States of America

Description: The burger at Rustic Canyon is one of the best in the United States, and it also has one of the highest price tags I’ve ever seen on a burger at $18.00, so it better be good. Featuring a patty made from short rib and brisket which is cooked with precision and very tender. On top of the patty is a perfectly prepared onion fondue, confit bacon, white cheddar, housemade pickles, and herb remoulade. All of this is put between a perfectly soft and neutral brioche roll to be a melt in your mouth combination of flavor. The fries and drink selection are also top notch at Rustic Canyon. After eating this burger I pondered whether I had the room (and the cash) to eat another right then and there.

4. The Attic Ale House

best burgers in The United States of America The Attic Ale House

The Attic Ale House Website

4247 E Indian School Rd
Phoenix, Arizona
Country: The United States of America

Description: The Burger at The Attic is one of those burgers you can judge on looks alone. A glistening patty of beef that sits atop a pretzel bun stacked with fresh and well thought out ingredients. The full list of ingredients consists of a bakery-fresh pretzel bun, 1/2 pound of juicy beef, spring mix, tomato, chipotle mayo, and your choice of cheese (and you have to add the optional bacon). The burger pairs many complementary flavors and a blend of sweet, savory, and spicy along with the combination of fresh premium ingredients that will make your mouth water. I'd personally suggest adding on the bacon and selecting provolone cheese. The chipotle mayo does plenty to bring a little bit of kick for your tastebuds. Egg was offered as an upgrade/option but I believe it wouldn't do much to complement all the veggies on the burger, and it would make the entire burger unmanageable. This gem is like hitting the jackpot... easily the best burger in Phoenix.

3. Holeman & Finch

Holeman & Finch Website

2277 Peachtree Road
Atlanta, Georgia
Country: The United States of America

Description: This is a featured burger. It has been identified as one of the Best in Atlanta and The United States. The burger at Holeman & Finch is not listed on the menu... and only 24 double patty cheesy morsels are made each night. Get there early and make sure you reserve yours before "burger time". Numerous sources confirm this is one of the best in America.

2. Kuma's Corner

best burgers in The United States of America Kuma's Corner

Kuma's Corner Website

2900 West Belmont Avenue
Chicago, Illinois
Country: The United States of America

Description: Burgers Perfected.

The Led Zeppelin at Kuma's Corner is amongst one of several masterpieces. A soft and tender pretzel bun combined with a sweet pulled pork, acidic pickles, melted cheddar, and a 10 ounce juicy patty of beef cooked to perfection. The sweet, salty, savory, and acidic elements add a complexity that makes every bite satisfying.

Kuma's isn't just a one trick pony - their menu features over 10 gourmet combinations of burger science. The beef patties at Kuma's are a one of a kind combination of spices, juiciness, and grilling perfection. The burgers are finished in a salamander to melt all the flavors together, and the result is a devotion to the love and care of burgers that is unrivaled. This results in several burgers under one roof that all deserve a top spot. If you are in Chicago you must visit Kuma's Corner.

1. Au Cheval

best burgers in The United States of America Au Cheval

Au Cheval Website

800 W Randolph Street
Chicago, Illinois
Country: The United States of America

Description: A pictures is worth a thousand words... and look at this picture... BURGER PERFECTION. Au Cheval has a contender for the world's best burger and tops the list of the best burgers in Chicago. Au Cheval's burger blends amazingly juicy and tender beef with melted cheese, egg, and thick cut bacon in a rich, messy, and completely transformational burger experience. I demolished this burger faster than my waitress could believe. The combination of juicy beef and creamy cheese along with the soft + pillowy bun make this burger seemingly melt in your mouth.

I'd recommend getting the single with the egg and bacon (you must get the egg and questions). I got the double but removed one of my patties since it was "almost perfect" and only manageability was holding me back. Once I downsized to the single I had burger ecstasy on my hands.

This burger is mastered like no other on the planet. If you're in Chicago get yourself over to Au Cheval now.

# Image Burger Joint Score Metro
Au Cheval best burger
Au Cheval Chicago
Kuma's Corner best burger
Kuma's Corner Chicago
Rustic Canyon best burger
Rustic Canyon Los Angeles
The Attic Ale House best burger
The Attic Ale House Phoenix
Holeman & Finch best burger
Holeman & Finch Atlanta
Lockdown best burger
Lockdown Chicago
Miller's Bar best burger
Miller's Bar Detroit
Pono Burger best burger
Pono Burger Los Angeles
Honey Salt best burger
Honey Salt Las Vegas
The Company Burger best burger
The Company Burger New Orleans
the little owl best burger
the little owl New York City (NYC)
NOPA best burger
NOPA San Francisco
Minetta Tavern best burger
Minetta Tavern New York City (NYC)
Lunchbox Laboratory best burger
Lunchbox Laboratory Seattle
Father's Office best burger
Father's Office Los Angeles
Apple Pan best burger
Apple Pan Los Angeles
Edzo's Burger Shop best burger
Edzo's Burger Shop Chicago
Swine Southern Table best burger
Swine Southern Table Miami
BurGR best burger
BurGR Las Vegas
David Burke Kitchen best burger
David Burke Kitchen New York City (NYC)
Rockit Burger Bar best burger
Rockit Burger Bar Chicago
The Rusty Spoon best burger
The Rusty Spoon Orlando
Quinn's Pub best burger
Quinn's Pub Seattle
Hopdoddy best burger
Hopdoddy Austin
Umami Burger best burger
Umami Burger Los Angeles
Scion best burger
Scion Washington DC
Gabby's Burgers best burger
Gabby's Burgers Nashville
Punch Burger best burger
Punch Burger Indianapolis
Thurman's Café best burger
Thurman's Café Columbus
Flatiron Columbus best burger
Flatiron Columbus Columbus
Weber Grill best burger
Weber Grill Chicago
Teak Neighborhood Grill best burger
Teak Neighborhood Grill Orlando
DB Bistro Moderne best burger
DB Bistro Moderne Miami
Lokal best burger
Lokal Miami
Tongue & Cheek best burger
Tongue & Cheek Miami
Highland Tap & Burger best burger
Highland Tap & Burger Denver
Zuni Cafe best burger
Zuni Cafe San Francisco
B Spot best burger
B Spot Cleveland
Public House best burger
Public House Chicago
Square Bar & Grill best burger
Square Bar & Grill Chicago
Craigie on Main best burger
Craigie on Main Boston
Primebar best burger
Primebar Chicago
Ditka's best burger
Ditka's Chicago
Char-Pit best burger
Char-Pit Lake Tahoe
Skillet best burger
Skillet Seattle
Solly's Grille best burger
Solly's Grille Milwaukee
Charm City Burger Company best burger
Charm City Burger Company Miami
Holsteins best burger
Holsteins Las Vegas
Bru Burger Bar best burger
Bru Burger Bar Indianapolis
Butcher and Singer best burger
Butcher and Singer Philadelphia

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