Best Burgers in The United States of America

Looking for the Best Burgers in The United States of America? Enjoy only the best (and skip the rest) with our handpicked burger list.

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10. Lockdown

best burgers in The United States of America Lockdown

Lockdown Website

1024 N Western Ave
Chicago, Illinois
Country: The United States of America

Description: The Lockdown Warden at the Lockdown Bar + Grill is great culinary execution. A number of ingredients not found in the typical burger make their way into this masterpiece. A certified Angus beef patty infused with bacon, leeks, garlic, and shallots has melted Merkt's Cheddar in the middle of the patty. Top this off with fried leeks and shallots tossed in truffle oil and you have a lot of complex flavor. The melted cheese is rich and the pretzel bun pairs well with the saltiness of the beef. The sweetness from the truffle oil and fried leeks combines perfectly with the bacon and hints of garlic. The amazing part about this much dedication to a single burger is that Lockdown has several more that deserve a top spot on the list as well. In multiple trips to Lockdown I can confirm they are consistent and their burgers always great. Lockdown is devoted to making top quality burgers, and they rank amongst the best in the world. Add in some friendly service, good drinks, and lively music and it's a neighborhood favorite.

9. Miller's Bar

best burgers in The United States of America Miller's Bar

Miller's Bar Website

23700 Michigan Ave
Dearborn, Michigan
Country: The United States of America

Description: Miller's Bar is famous for its cheeseburger in a number of publications. A no-frills bar situated in the Detroit suburbs that is home to one of America's best burgers. It's definitely a local spot and I'm sure they can spot the food critics and tourists from a mile away.

Miller's Bar doesn't employ too much that is special in producing one of the best cheeseburgers in America. A traditional griddle, fresh bun, and a slice of American cheese. The beef has a high fat content and comes juicy, tender, and with a perfect sear. The cheese is gooey & melted, and the bun is very soft from absorbing the heat and steam from beef + cheese. Add on some pickles, ketchup, and mustard and you have perfect execution of the most simple of cheeseburgers. The burger almost melts in your mouth and is the perfect blend of textures. I was not keeping track of the time, but my burger disappeared off my plate not too long after ordering it. I find that all of the best burgers I have eaten have this intangible quality where you keep going back for bite after bite (then are gone before you know it).

Miller’s Bar has the best simple cheeseburger in America. By doing the basics right and picking ingredients that bring the most flavor, as opposed to the most flair they have been very successful.

8. Pono Burger

Pono Burger Website

829 Broadway
Santa Monica, California
Country: The United States of America

Description: This is a featured burger. It has been identified as one of the Best in the Los Angeles area and California.

Pono Burger is a product of Chef Windy 'Makani' Gerardi (of Ultimate Burger, Hawaii). Pono means "to do things the right way"...and the burgers here live up to the saying. Local and organic ingredients are made into a variety of burgers featuring some seasonal rotation. Some of the fan favorites are the Sassy Wahine with housemade wasabi mayo, pickled ginger, avocado, okinawan sweet potato chips, pea shoots, and sesame ponzu dressing ...and The Kuawa Crunch with one year Hook cheddar, housemade russet potato chips, cole slaw, and spicy guava rum sauce.

Pono gets a lot of credit for taking risks and bringing some new ingredients to the burger scene.

7. Honey Salt

Honey Salt Website

1031 South Rampart Boulevard
Las Vegas, Nevada
Country: The United States of America

Description: If you could judge a burger by its looks than Honey Salt would be love at first sight. Soft, tender, shiny, and juicy are not only on the surface. Honey Salt is committed to fresh and innovative food and their burger is no exception. The Backyard Favorite burger features beehive cheddar, tomato jam, butter pickle, and a farm fresh egg. Their Wagyu burger features beehive cheddar, bacon jam, old bay potato chips, and a farm fresh egg. We'd go with the Wagyu for the bacon and egg flavor combo. If you’re looking for one of the best burgers in Las Vegas make your way to Honey Salt.

6. The Company Burger

best burgers in The United States of America The Company Burger

The Company Burger Website

4600 Freret Street
New Orleans, Lousiana
Country: The United States of America

Description: We decided to visit The Company Burger after hearing how good the meat was. I was absolutely blown away with how tender and flavorful this burger was. I believe that the meat is a mix of chuck and brisket. Whatever they do, they do it AMAZING!! The meat is juicy and packed with taste!! I had mine topped with bacon and egg. In addition, they make their own pickles and mayo. I recommend the Basil Mayo. Also, they have a simple philosophy, "Serve the Classic American Cheeseburger." I say mission complete!

# Image Burger Joint Score Metro
Au Cheval best burger
Au Cheval Chicago
Kuma's Corner best burger
Kuma's Corner Chicago
Rustic Canyon best burger
Rustic Canyon Los Angeles
The Attic Ale House best burger
The Attic Ale House Phoenix
Holeman & Finch best burger
Holeman & Finch Atlanta
Lockdown best burger
Lockdown Chicago
Miller's Bar best burger
Miller's Bar Detroit
Pono Burger best burger
Pono Burger Los Angeles
Honey Salt best burger
Honey Salt Las Vegas
The Company Burger best burger
The Company Burger New Orleans
the little owl best burger
the little owl New York City (NYC)
NOPA best burger
NOPA San Francisco
Minetta Tavern best burger
Minetta Tavern New York City (NYC)
Lunchbox Laboratory best burger
Lunchbox Laboratory Seattle
Father's Office best burger
Father's Office Los Angeles
Apple Pan best burger
Apple Pan Los Angeles
Edzo's Burger Shop best burger
Edzo's Burger Shop Chicago
Swine Southern Table best burger
Swine Southern Table Miami
BurGR best burger
BurGR Las Vegas
David Burke Kitchen best burger
David Burke Kitchen New York City (NYC)
Rockit Burger Bar best burger
Rockit Burger Bar Chicago
The Rusty Spoon best burger
The Rusty Spoon Orlando
Quinn's Pub best burger
Quinn's Pub Seattle
Hopdoddy best burger
Hopdoddy Austin
Umami Burger best burger
Umami Burger Los Angeles
Scion best burger
Scion Washington DC
Gabby's Burgers best burger
Gabby's Burgers Nashville
Punch Burger best burger
Punch Burger Indianapolis
Thurman's Café best burger
Thurman's Café Columbus
Flatiron Columbus best burger
Flatiron Columbus Columbus
Weber Grill best burger
Weber Grill Chicago
Teak Neighborhood Grill best burger
Teak Neighborhood Grill Orlando
DB Bistro Moderne best burger
DB Bistro Moderne Miami
Lokal best burger
Lokal Miami
Tongue & Cheek best burger
Tongue & Cheek Miami
Highland Tap & Burger best burger
Highland Tap & Burger Denver
Zuni Cafe best burger
Zuni Cafe San Francisco
B Spot best burger
B Spot Cleveland
Public House best burger
Public House Chicago
Square Bar & Grill best burger
Square Bar & Grill Chicago
Craigie on Main best burger
Craigie on Main Boston
Primebar best burger
Primebar Chicago
Ditka's best burger
Ditka's Chicago
Char-Pit best burger
Char-Pit Lake Tahoe
Skillet best burger
Skillet Seattle
Solly's Grille best burger
Solly's Grille Milwaukee
Charm City Burger Company best burger
Charm City Burger Company Miami
Holsteins best burger
Holsteins Las Vegas
Bru Burger Bar best burger
Bru Burger Bar Indianapolis
Butcher and Singer best burger
Butcher and Singer Philadelphia

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