Best Burgers in London

Looking for the Best Burgers in London? Enjoy only the best (and skip the rest) with our handpicked burger list.

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24. Gourmet Burger Kitchen

best burgers in London Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Gourmet Burger Kitchen Website

102 Baker Street
London, Greater London
Country: The United Kingdom

Description: I've had multiple burgers at the GBK. This review reflects the sum of my experiences. The Gourmet Burger Kitchen tries to take the burger experience and put a spin on it. Whether it is the "Kiwiburger" or one of their other creations the focus at GBK is their toppings. This leaves the beef to play a secondary role, and with the underwhelming buns at GKB it is really up to the toppings to carry the burger. The good news that the toppings do more than their fair share, and while the beef is not the best in London it is quite good and cooked properly. Overall, the GBK is a good option to grab a unique burger. I'd personally not recommend the Kiwi Burger as I find it too difficult to handle/eat, and also found the flavors to not be lacking a cohesive flavor profile.

23. Little Social

best burgers in London Little Social

Little Social Website

5 Pollen Street
London, Greater London
Country: The United Kingdom

Description: Little Social is an upscale dining establishment perfect for impressing your dinner companions. It's well suited to a bottle of wine and date night, or a business gathering. I stumbled upon Little Social from a rumor that the "new" best burger in London may be here.

The aged Scottish beef burger at Little Social is served with bacon, cheese, caramelized onions, and pickle. The standout ingredient on the burger is definitely the very flavorful Scottish beef. The caramelized onions are also quite good and their flavors melt right in with the cheese. Add in some premium bacon and the winning combination of flavor continues. However, a somewhat neutral pickle and very sweet croissant-like bun throw off the entire palette. The bun overwhelmed the production, and the entire time I was eating the burger I couldn't get its distracting flavors away.

Overall, Little Social makes a pretty good burger. Swap out the bun and add a little more seasoning to the beef and they'd be amongst the best in London.

22. MEATliquor

best burgers in London MEATliquor

MEATliquor Website

74 Welbeck St
London, Greater London
Country: The United Kingdom

Description: I ordered the cheeseburger at MEATliquor after a long wait outside. The burger was cooked medium, had a good bun, and was topped with melted cheese on the patty. The beef was well represented and outdid the toppings being both juicy, tender, and seared with a perfect crunch on the griddle. Toppings of lettuce, red onion, and the quality bun gave the burger a good texture, however this burger did not quite stack up to the elite despite having a lot going for it. I would highly recommend MEATliquor, but it may not be worth the wait on a very busy night.

21. Jamie Oliver's Diner

best burgers in London Jamie Oliver's Diner

Jamie Oliver's Diner Website

23 Shaftesbury Avenue
London, Greater London
Country: The United Kingdom

Description: Walking by Jamie Oliver's Diner I noticed there was a takeaway section. I saw some glistening burger buns and what actually looked like quite tasty burgers. I stepped right up to the queue and ordered a classic cheeseburger. The burger came out quickly and was still dripping juices from having come fresh off the grill. I was very excited as I took my first bite, but shortly noticed the bun was a bit dry. I realized the burger comes unseasoned and grabbed for the ketchup and mustard for a classic flavor profile. Overall, the beef patty was a little thin to pack too much flavor and the dry bun masked a lot of the potential this burger could have had. The option to prepare the burger as you wish is reminiscent of a backyard cookout, but I wished Jamie would have served a burger with expertly prepared sauces to complement his burger.

20. Burger and Lobster

best burgers in London Burger and Lobster

Burger and Lobster Website

29 Clarges Street
London, Greater London
Country: The United Kingdom

Description: Burger and Lobster is a current cultural phenomenon in London. Packed on weeknights, weekends, and a place to enjoy a meal with your mates or some dates. It’s pricey and affordable at the same time, and fits into that little bit of luxury and fun niche that today’s world needs. 3 fantastic menu items, fun drinks, and a great atmosphere.

There’s only 3 items on the menu. Burger, Lobster, or Lobster Roll? Burger for me! This burger’s reputation preceded it so it has a lot to live up to. A 10 ounce patty of premium beef, black + white seed sesame bun, tomato, cheese, bacon, shredded lettuce, and red onion. My first impression upon receiving my burger was that it really looked the part. I was excited to take my first bite, but upon picking it up, I noticed that it was a bit hard to manage. I bit in and had a very satisfying bite of tender + juicy beef and crispy bacon. The shredded lettuce, great grind on the beef, and soft bun did wonders for the texture. The crispy bacon, sliced red onion, and rest of the flavors on the burger were great as well. I had trouble determining if there was a house sauce on top of the burger with all of the other flavors going on. I noticed I was given ketchup and mayo with the burger, however the original flavors of the burgers were enjoyable enough to need no further. My last note on taste is that the pickles were a bit sweet and I think more vinegary pickles usually pair better with beef.

While the burger was great, it was too big to make it as enjoyable as it could have been. I’m not sure if Burger and Lobster is trying to offer value against the Lobster options by making the burger as big as possible, but in this case it was too much. I have found the burger sweet spot is between 5-8 ounces of beef. With all of the toppings including the thick slice of tomato (which I’d recommend taking off) the burger was just a bit too big. Size cannot take away from flavor, but if this thing were scaled down it might be that much more enjoyable... and be sitting with the best in London. Last of all, Burger and Lobster’s fries might be the best in London and that in its own right is worth a visit.

# Image Burger Joint Score Metro
Lucky Chip best burger
Lucky Chip London
Patty & Bun best burger
Patty & Bun London
MEATmarket best burger
MEATmarket London
Mother Flipper best burger
Mother Flipper London
Burger Bear best burger
Burger Bear London
Bleecker Street Burger best burger
Bleecker Street Burger London
Elliot's best burger
Elliot's London
Wenlock & Essex best burger
Wenlock & Essex London
OXO Bar best burger
OXO Bar London
Admiral Codrington best burger
Admiral Codrington London
Honest Burgers best burger
Honest Burgers London
Psychic Burger best burger
Psychic Burger London
Bread Street Kitchen best burger
Bread Street Kitchen London
Tommi's Burger Joint best burger
Tommi's Burger Joint London
Dirty Burger best burger
Dirty Burger London
The Exhibit best burger
The Exhibit London
Neon Burgers best burger
Neon Burgers London
Byron best burger
Byron London
Meat & Shake best burger
Meat & Shake London
Burger and Lobster best burger
Burger and Lobster London
MEATliquor best burger
MEATliquor London
Jamie Oliver's Diner best burger
Jamie Oliver's Diner London
Little Social best burger
Little Social London
Gourmet Burger Kitchen best burger
Gourmet Burger Kitchen London
Goodman best burger
Goodman London
Hache best burger
Hache London
Hawksmoor best burger
Hawksmoor London
Bar Boulud best burger
Bar Boulud London
The Bald Faced Stag best burger
The Bald Faced Stag London

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