Best Burgers in Melbourne

Looking for the Best Burgers in Melbourne? Enjoy only the best (and skip the rest) with our handpicked burger list.

Author: Burger Guy

5. Huxtaburger

Huxtaburger Website

106 Smith Street - Collingwood
Melbourne, Victoria
Country: Australia

Description: Huxtaburger is a staple of the Melbourne burger scene. Huxtaburger focuses on simple burger combinations that pack a lot of flavor. This philosophy has lead to their success and several locations around Melbourne. The original Huxtaburger features mustard, mayo, tomato sauce, tomato, cheese, lettuce, and pickles. What makes this classic so tasty are its fresh ingredients, manageable size, and well distributed portions of each item. Huxtaburger's juicy Australian beef and bakery fresh buns complement these flavors and make each bite a pleasure.

4. Trunktown

Trunktown Website

275 Exhibition Street
Melbourne, Victoria
Country: Australia

Description: Trunktown is a Melbourne dining destination and the Diner at Trunktown serves up a great burger. Freshly ground Wagyu beef, baby cos lettuce, thick-cut tomato, house-made pickles, and a brioche bun make this mouthwatering combination. Be sure to add bacon to take this burger to the next level, and all at a price that is much less than one would expect for a gourmet burger of this quality.

3. Nshry

Nshry Website

129A Beaconsfield Parade, Albert Park
Melbourne, Victoria
Country: Australia

Description: Nshry is a beach side eatery with a focus on preparing beautiful food. Their burger is no exception to this philosophy and is among the best in Melbourne. Nshry's burger features deep flavors from a thick and juicy patty of beef, melted cheese, and crisp bacon atop a bakery bun toasted with seeds for a bit of nutty warmth.



# Image Burger Joint Score Metro
The Royale Brothers best burger
The Royale Brothers Melbourne
Merrywell best burger
Merrywell Melbourne
Nshry best burger
Nshry Melbourne
Huxtaburger best burger
Huxtaburger Melbourne
Trunktown best burger
Trunktown Melbourne
Rockwell and Sons best burger
Rockwell and Sons Melbourne
Mr Burger best burger
Mr Burger Melbourne
Tree of Us best burger
Tree of Us Melbourne

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