Burger Ratings

At The Burger Guide we work hard to judge all of the burgers we eat on a fair scale. Patty, toppings, and bun all working together in harmony is the mission of any great burger. Juiciness, tenderness, texture, flavor combinations, uniqueness, manageablity, and desirability (also known as "how quickly it disappears") are key factors. Burgers may also be compared against others in their category when possible (e.g. char-burgers).

We recognize that scores out of 10 don't always scale properly so we've developed the supplemental guide below to complement our ratings.

World's Best

One of the best burgers in the world. Do whatever you have to try it.

Worth A Trip

Seek out this burger and enjoy its tastiness.

In The Area

If you're in the area this burger is worth trying.


If you're having a burger craving this burger will satisfy you.


Community Submitted

This burger has been submitted by fans of The Burger Guide.

Not Eaten

This is a burger that The Burger Guy has not eaten. However, we've featured it to help you on your search for the best burgers.