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Burger Bar, Moscow an exclusive review by The Burger Guide of one of the best burgers in Moscow.

Burger Bar - 7/10


world's best burger - Burger Bar

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proyezd Lubyanskiy 15с2
Moscow, Central Federal District
Country: Russia

Description: The Parisienne at Burger Bar consists of a patty made of beef and foie gras, a sauce based on caramelized apples, shallots, signature tomato jam, lettuce, and tomato. Overall, it is an average burger that didn't stand out from the crowd. The beef was not juicy enough, the bun was not tender, and the creative toppings could not do enough to contribute to a complete experience. Some of the other offerings on the menu may go a bit further, such as the Rodeo or 4 Cheese Burger.

However, given the same bun and beef I am not sure any would rank amongst the best in Moscow, but they would surely satisfy a burger craving. A fun atmosphere, wine list, and good service make Burger Bar enjoyable.


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