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Nota Bene, Toronto an exclusive review by The Burger Guide of one of the best burgers in Toronto.

Nota Bene - 8.2/10


world's best burger - Nota Bene

Nota Bene Website

180 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario
Country: Canada

Description: Jennifer's Stilton Beef Brisket Burger at Nota Bene has a lot of potential. However, overdone is the key theme with this burger. The beef patty is too thick making the overall burger difficult to get your mouth around. Top this off with a slick of too thick blue cheese and the problems keep building. From a flavor perspective the tender beef brisket is packed with flavor and the blue cheese is sharp and goes nicely with the grilled onions. This is a great burger to enjoy, but it's trying too hard to be amongst the elite of Toronto, which all seem to effortlessly slide into the top spots.


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