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The Blue Gum Hotel, Sydney an exclusive review by The Burger Guide of one of the best burgers in Sydney.

The Blue Gum Hotel - 8.2/10


world's best burger - The Blue Gum Hotel

The Blue Gum Hotel Website

55 Pacific Highway
Sydney, New South Wales
Country: Australia

Description: The Blue Gum Hotel is a fun place to enjoy a beer at after work, hangout with friends, or to catch a game. Great drinks and upscale bar food are the staples and the burger is definitely one of the more popular items.

The Blue Gum Burger features a Wagyu patty, lettuce, cheddar, charred chorizo, BBQ marmalade, and aioli. The Wagyu beef and fantastic bun give a tenderness to each bite that really lets the juicy beef flavor stand out. The chorizo and the rest of the ingredients work well, but are almost too salty/tangy. They leave the burger missing that something special to bring everything together. This makes the Blue Gum Burger great for a burger craving but short of the list for Best Burgers in Sydney.


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