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Molson's Pub, Toronto an exclusive review by The Burger Guide of one of the best burgers in Toronto.

Molson's Pub - 7.5/10


world's best burger - Molson's Pub

Molson's Pub Website

Terminal 1 - Pearson International Airport
Toronto, Ontario
Country: Canada

Description: Molson's Pub is a Pearson International Airport hotspot. Featuring tasty beers, bar food, and inevitably a tasty burger for the traveler passing through. I sat down for a drink and grabbed the Canadian Burger topped with cheddar, lettuce, tomato, Canadian bacon, thousand island, and red onion between a bakery bun. The burger satisfied my hunger, however it was a bit underseasoned, dry, and was just a typical airport burger. A better effort by the bun, beef, or higher quality produce could have led to drastically different results (as the flavor combination has a lot of potential). If you are passing through the airport this burger will fill you up, but it's not a reason to book a trip by itself.


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