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City Space, Moscow an exclusive review by The Burger Guide of one of the best burgers in Moscow.

City Space - 8.7/10


world's best burger - City Space

City Space Website

Космодамианская наб., д.52, стр. 6
Moscow, Central Federal District
Country: Russia

Description: City Space is a high-end Moscow bar featuring great drinks, views, and food. City Space is atop the Swissotel and has a skyline view of Moscow.

The cheeseburger at City Space is a tasty bite to get while soaking up the scene. It features premium beef, melted cheese, tomato, butter lettuce, onion, pickles, a tender bun, mayonnaise, and ketchup. The flavors that stand out on the burger are the pickle, ketchup, and mayo combining into a relish of sorts and the fantastic bun. Each bite has a good distribution of ingredients with a lot of flavor.

The flavors in this burger amongst some of the best in Moscow, however the beef needed a little more seasoning or juicy flavor. City Space is definitely worth a visit for the burger, view, and tasty drinks.


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