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Torro Grill, Moscow an exclusive review by The Burger Guide of one of the best burgers in Moscow.

Torro Grill - 7.2/10


world's best burger - Torro Grill

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pereulok Krutitskiy 3-y, д. 11
Moscow, Central Federal District
Country: Russia

Description: Torro Grill is a Moscow based steakhouse featuring many beef options including their cheeseburger. I ordered Torro’s Black Angus Burger and was surprised by the combination of ingredients listed on the menu. It is nothing I would have imagined on my own, but is their premium burger.

The burger features blue cheese, bacon, double cheddar, two Black Angus patties, and jalapenos. After a few bites the tomato, blue cheese, and jalapenos were not working out well, so I decided to dismantle the burger. I left the cheddar, bacon, and beef - removing the blue cheese, tomato, and jalapenos. What I was left with was a much more manageable and enjoyable burger. I noted that the beef tasted distinctly different from any burger I have eaten. The texture and flavor was almost like that of a sausage patty. Overall, this burger seemed a bit confused and even once it was reduced to a bacon cheeseburger nothing was too special. The bun and cheddar were quite good but the beef and bacon did not deliver.

If you’re searching for a fun atmosphere for friends or a date Torro Grill will do, but the best burger in Moscow is definitely not here.


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