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Stroganoff Steakhouse, Saint Petersburg an exclusive review by The Burger Guide of one of the best burgers in Saint Petersburg.

Stroganoff Steakhouse - 8.9/10


world's best burger - Stroganoff Steakhouse

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Konnogvardeyskiy bulvar, 4
Saint Petersburg, Northwestern Federal District
Country: Russia

Description: The Stroganoff burger is amongst the best in Saint Petersburg. A gorgeous 9 ounce char-patty of premium beef with finely cut porcini mushrooms ground into the patty to give a hint of stroganoff flavor. On top of the patty sits a flavorful slice of cheddar, bacon, white onion, mayo, lettuce, and ketchup. The beef is well seasoned and the toppings' high quality lend the burger a very satisfying flavor profile. The little negative was that the bun could been a bit more moist and the burger was almost unmanageable. Major points for this burger are awarded for the flavor of the beef, which make it standout from the many other burgers I've tried. This burger helped me rethink the patty mix-in.


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