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MEATmarket, London an exclusive review by The Burger Guide of one of the best burgers in London.

MEATmarket - 9.8/10


world's best burger - MEATmarket

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The Deck, Jubliee Market Hall Tavistock Street
London, Greater London
Country: The United Kingdom

Description: MEATmarket is a lively burger joint catering to young people looking for a tasty bite with their friends. Featuring tasty burgers, fun sides, and social seating MEATmarket is a fun place to be. Despite being very popular, it seems serving times are generally pretty rather quick.

They are famous for a few burgers, but I decided to try the Dead Hippie burger that has helped to put them on the map. The Dead Hippie is two very juicy beef patties, a soft bun, dead hippie sauce, pickles, and minced white onion. The Dead Hippie's ingredients all melt together into a perfect combination. Each bite has a perfect distribution of flavor and ingredients. The stand out ingredients are the dead hippie sauce, the medium-rare beef, and the soft and tender bun. The creamy texture, soft bun, flavorful sauce, tangy pickles, melted cheese, and are executed perfectly .

While the burger is very messy, it is still manageable in size. Due to the size of the patties, putting two of them on top of each other with another slice of cheese is not overwhelming. Given the price of this burger, and the speed it came out of the kitchen, this is definitely one of the best places to satisfy a sudden burger craving.


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