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Bleecker Street Burger, London an exclusive review by The Burger Guide of one of the best burgers in London.

Bleecker Street Burger - 9.7/10


world's best burger - Bleecker Street Burger

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London, Greater London
Country: The United Kingdom

Description: The juiciest, cheesiest, and messiest in London... but also one of the best. Bleecker Street Burger is a black food truck cranking out some of the best burgers in London. Check their Twitter to find where they are on a given day - @bleeckerburger. Before even locating the truck, I could smell the tasty burgers being cooked.

Arriving at the friendly counter, I asked which burger to order and was informed the double was an award-winning creation. Waiting in anticipation as my burger was cooked, I pondered what to top such a burger with. I noted that the condiments were outside the truck, which places burger destiny in your own hands (luckily, I think we all know what we like). Upon receiving the burger, I took a quick peek and noticed that it looked like a Classic American backyard grill burger. I grabbed the mayo, mustard, and ketchup to put a generous topping of each on top.

I found a seat in the park and bit into this beautiful burger... making sure to keep it away from my clothes (since it was dripping with flavor). Melted cheese, juicy beef, sweet, salty, and creamy condiments... and a pillowy bun that gives any London burger a run for its money. My burger disappeared within only a few minutes, and so did my napkins trying to battle this multi-napkin affair. A food truck that makes a burger better than most steakhouses. Compared to my other top burgers Bleecker easily takes them on, but personal preference steps into the equation. I love pickled or caramelized onions, bacon, or a hint of spicy/smoky flavor. As a result, Bleecker is not my #1 in London, but it’s darn close.


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