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Teak Neighborhood Grill, Orlando an exclusive review by The Burger Guide of one of the best burgers in Orlando.

Teak Neighborhood Grill - 9.3/10


world's best burger - Teak Neighborhood Grill

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6400 Time Square Ave
Orlando, Florida
Country: The United States of America

Description: Teak Neighborhood Grill! I think I could eat this whole menu. Lots of fun options and many interesting flavors to try. Teak Neighborhood Grill is a gastropub that is worth the adventure to find in Orlando.

There is an entire section of burgers on Teak's menu ranging from fried plantains to donut bun burgers. I opted to try "The Pig" after much careful debate on my visit. The Pig features smoked ham, bacon, pulled pork, topped with white cheddar cheese, onion jam, herb mayo, and a pretzel bun. The first thing you'll notice about The Pig is the melted cheddar fondue running down a mountain of flavorful toppings. On first bite your mouth will be greeted by a rush of flavor from 4 different kinds of meet, onion jam, cheese, and a tender pretzel bun. The Pig is one messy affair (living up to its name) but each bite is enjoyable and flavor filled. The onion jam may have just been a little too abundant on the burger I ordered, however I removed some with a knife (it's very tasty, but a little goes a long way).

I noted that the flavors were so plentiful that the beef played a secondary role. While these flavors were pretty amazing I like when each element is complementary and has its place built around a great piece of beef. However, this burger was unlike anything I have ever tried and is definitely one of the best in Orlando and Florida. I wish I had time or the room to have tried all of Teak's burgers. It's clearly a special place that features some of the most unique burgers in The United States.


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