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Bar Boulud, London an exclusive review by The Burger Guide of one of the best burgers in London.

Bar Boulud - 7.3/10


world's best burger - Bar Boulud

Bar Boulud Website

66 Knightsbridge
London, Greater London
Country: The United Kingdom

Description: The Piggie at Bar Boulud was a rare example of a burger trying too hard. Pulled Pork, Green Chili Mayo, Bibb Lettuce, Red Cabbage Slaw, and a Cheddar Bun all combined for too many textures and flavors going on. The interesting fact here is that none of them stood out and the burger was lacking any salt/acid to give it that mouth watering effect. The burger was also quite tall and difficult to handle/enjoy while eating. Overall, the Piggie has potential however it seems to be a little confused about what it is trying to do. I'd suggest subbing the lettuce for fried onion strings and topping the burger with a healthy dose of vinegar based BBQ sauce.


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