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Au Cheval, Chicago an exclusive review by The Burger Guide of one of the best burgers in Chicago.

Au Cheval - 11/10


world's best burger - Au Cheval

Au Cheval Website

800 W Randolph Street
Chicago, Illinois
Country: The United States of America

Description: A pictures is worth a thousand words... and look at this picture... BURGER PERFECTION. Au Cheval has a contender for the world's best burger and tops the list of the best burgers in Chicago. Au Cheval's burger blends amazingly juicy and tender beef with melted cheese, egg, and thick cut bacon in a rich, messy, and completely transformational burger experience. I demolished this burger faster than my waitress could believe. The combination of juicy beef and creamy cheese along with the soft + pillowy bun make this burger seemingly melt in your mouth.

I'd recommend getting the single with the egg and bacon (you must get the egg and bacon...no questions). I got the double but removed one of my patties since it was "almost perfect" and only manageability was holding me back. Once I downsized to the single I had burger ecstasy on my hands.

This burger is mastered like no other on the planet. If you're in Chicago get yourself over to Au Cheval now.


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