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Wenlock & Essex, London an exclusive review by The Burger Guide of one of the best burgers in London.

Wenlock & Essex - 9.6/10


world's best burger - Wenlock & Essex

Wenlock & Essex Website

18-26 Essex Rd
London, Greater London
Country: The United Kingdom

Description: The Sloppy Joe burger at Wenlock & Essex is a culinary science. The burger meat is a fantastic braised short rib and was cooked perfectly to medium as ordered. The flavor packed meat is complemented with the acidity of pickles, a grilled tomato, and then is neutralized by a creamy melted cheese. A sloppy joe reduction adds a bit of a savory/sweet element to round out the flavor experience, which makes this burger one of a kind. For taking a gamble and winning big the Sloppy Joe burger deserves a fair share of credit. However, I believe it is a jackpot amongst burgers with a one of a kind taste attempted by only those with a mastery of culinary methods.


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