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The Burger's Priest, Toronto an exclusive review by The Burger Guide of one of the best burgers in Toronto.

The Burger's Priest - 8.5/10


world's best burger - The Burger's Priest

The Burger's Priest Website

1636 Queen Street East
Toronto, Ontario
Country: Canada

Description: The Priest at The Burger's Priest is a very unique burger. A traditional cheeseburger from what seems like the local grill is topped off with a cheese stuffed fried portobello mushroom. They call this mushroom "the option" at The Burger's Priest. However, it is anything but optional as it makes the burger something extraordinary. Overall, this is not your average burger and is definitely a one-of-a-kind burger you won't find at most other places. For uniqueness and pulling off the mushroom in a way that appeals to the masses The Burger's Priest gets major points.


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