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Zuni Cafe, San Francisco an exclusive review by The Burger Guide of one of the best burgers in San Francisco.

Zuni Cafe - 9.3/10


Zuni Cafe Website

1658 Market Street
San Francisco, California
Country: The United States of America

Description: Zuni Cafe is a renowned San Francisco restaurant. They serve up inspired dishes that get the locals to rave and recommend it to everyone who visits. Zuni's burger is one of those dishes and comes served on focaccia. This has led to some controversy among purists, but I can assure you this still counts as a real burger. The beef is definitely present and buns vary so much that focaccia is definitely a suitable bun. The burger features dry-aged beef (that gets a lot of rave reviews), rosemary focaccia, Zuni pickles, aioli, and we'd highly recommend the Beecher flagship cheese + onions (which are optional). We haven't eaten this one ourselves yet, but there are mixed reviews which keep it from being our top in San Francisco. Consistency is key, but we'd highly recommend heading to Zuni to try out this local favorite.


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