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Stuffed Beaver, Sydney an exclusive review by The Burger Guide of one of the best burgers in Sydney.

Stuffed Beaver - 8.7/10


world's best burger - Stuffed Beaver

Stuffed Beaver Website

271 Bondi Road
Sydney, New South Wales
Country: Australia

Description: The Stuffed Beaver is a no-frills bar with a lot of attitude near Bondi Beach. They specialize in Canadian style food and great beer. I ordered the John Candy burger which comes with crunchy fried pepper jack cheese and bacon. The burger came without sauce so I added ketchup and mustard for a bit of heartiness and tang to pair to pair with the bacon and smoky fried cheese. Overall, the burger was average as the beef was not overly juicy or tender, the bun was typical, and there was not a house sauce or special condiments present to make the burger shine. There were definitely some other burgers on the menu that sounded worth a try, however if the beef and bun on all of them is the same I'd expect similar results.


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