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Gabardine, Toronto an exclusive review by The Burger Guide of one of the best burgers in Toronto.

Gabardine - 9.3/10


world's best burger - Gabardine

Gabardine Website

372 Bay Street
Toronto, Ontario
Country: Canada

Description: The burger at The Gabardine is a messy, juicy, and cheesy mess of food love. It's a little difficult to manage but a thick and juicy beef patty is paired with flavorful cheese, mayo, and fresh veggies. The bun has is bite perfect and almost has a slight snap to each bite reminding me of a fresh baguette, while the beef has a good grind to it making each bite enjoyable and full of flavor. The simple flavors, quality ingredients, and textures of the Gabardine burger make it one of Toronto's best. Add in the cool atmosphere, location, tasty fries, and great drinks and this is a burger we'd recommend making repeat trips for and sharing with a group of friends.


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