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Romer’s Burger Bar, Vancouver an exclusive review by The Burger Guide of one of the best burgers in Vancouver.

Romer’s Burger Bar - 9.4/10


Romer’s Burger Bar Website

8363 Kerr Street (Now Multiple Locations)
Vancouver, British Columbia
Country: Canada

Description: Romer's Burger Bar is serving some of the most well-executed + unique burgers in Vancouver and all of Canada. A wide variety of burgers from the ultra-gourmet Man's Man Burger to burgers with chorizo & short-rib patties, gourmet cheese, house made sauces, and fried or braised onions make up the menu. Romer's pairings of beef, cheese, toppings, and sauce create perfect explorations of flavor for the diner and make it an enjoyable place to visit with friends. If you're looking for a burger adventure in Vancouver no place is better than Romer's.


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